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Breast Enlargement


Breast enlargement surgery also known as ‘Breast Augmentation’ involves the use of implants to improve the shape, size, and form of the breasts, it is also the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the UK.


Many women decide to have a breast enlargement to enhance the appearance of the breast, improve body contour, balance out uneven breasts or boost confidence. For others it may be to regain a fuller bust following pregnancy or weight loss.


A breast enlargement procedure involves inserting implants either on top or behind the muscle. The procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and usually takes between one and two hours to perform. You may be able to return home the same day, though some patients will require an overnight stay in hospital. 


The operation is usually performed under general anaesthetic, and can take up to 2 hours to complete.

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Benefits Of Breast Enlargement

Greater self-esteem and confidence

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Feeling more feminine

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To be able to wear clothes, underwear and swimwear that were previously not suitable

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Improved shape

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Tubular breast correction

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