Breast Uplift With Implant


Augmented Mastopexy also known as a ‘Breast Uplift with implant’ is a procedure in which the breasts are lifted and an implant is inserted to add more volume. It is usually considered when women may have lost shape to their breast with age, or after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss


Breast uplift surgery involves removing excess skin from underneath your breast or from around the area of dark tissue that surrounds your nipple (areola). Your surgeon will tighten the skin and tissue of your breast and move your nipple to a higher position; volume is then added by inserting an implant.

Benefits Of Breast Uplift With Implant

Feeling like the breast are more in proportion with the body

Greater self-esteem and confidence

 To be able to wear clothes, underwear and swimwear that were previously not suitable

Improved shape

 Feel more feminine and attractive

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