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Face Lift / Neck Surgery

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Face lift surgery, also known as ‘Rhytidoplasty’ can help rejuvenate your appearance by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles and redraping the skin resulting in a more rested youthful appearance. Years of exposure to the sun and the stresses of daily life can be seen on all our faces. Having a facelift can help reduce the appearance of ageing wrinkles, jowels or saggy skin on the face and neck.


Individual factors and personal preferences will determine the specific technique selected for your facelift. Your surgeon will discuss with you the particular method that is recommended for achieving the best result in your case.

Generally, an incision is hidden in the natural contour of your ear that sometimes extends around the earlobe and back into the hairline.

Through these discreet incisions, your surgeon will free the skin from the underlying tissue.

After the skin has been pulled up and back, the excess is removed. In some instances, the deeper tissues may also need to be repositioned.


Benefits Of Face Lift / Neck Surgery


Ability to wear clothes with lower necklines


Easier application of make-up


Feeling rejuvenated and fresher


More youthful appearance


Increased self-confidence

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