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Fat Transfer / Lipomodelling / Lipofilling


Fat transfer has been used for years in cosmetic surgery to plump and rejuvenate.

Fat is taken from one area of the body by way of liposuction and transferred to another to improve the shape, augment the volume and give a better contour. Usually the amount is small when used for facial surgery but recent advances in harvesting and purifying the fat allowed us to use bigger volumes safely with good survival and good permanent cosmetic results..

Facial Surgery

Plumping, Volumisation, Rejuvenation. It can be used in conjunction with a face lift or on its own, instead of fillers.

Breast Surgery

Larger volumes to sculpt and restore naturally the shape of breasts, improve symmetry in asymmetric breasts or use instead of implants to improve modestly the volume, giving a very natural shape.

It can be used in conjunction with implants to improve the shape, create more padding, a better cleavage or improve rippling.

Buttock Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift

In this procedure which originated in South America we increase volume of the buttocks and by doing so the shape and projection improve making the buttocks look uplifted.


It involves harvesting spare fat from another part of the body , with the added bonus of improved slimmer look, purifying it and transferring it in small amounts in the buttocks.


With good surgical technique survival of the fat grafts has improved and the results are permanent.

The operation is usually done under general anaesthetic as a day case. A second stage might be appropriate for more dramatic results.


Care must be taken to avoid running and exercise for 2 months to help with fat survival.


Benefits Of Fat Transfer / Lipomodelling / Lipofilling


Reduced size of enlarged labia minora


Relief in discomfort caused by enlarged labia


Improved self confidence


A more natural appearance of the labia

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